This is an exclusive and intensive twelve week state- of- the- art fitness
program. It has been specifically designed with one exclusive goal in mind-to
change your life style forever!

My secret transformation program is an applied system which I developed based
on my exercise drills. These drills will spur your development potential by
following specific movement patterns which you commonly use in your day to
day activities. This development potential is already stored in your muscles’ cells.
By maximizing your developmental potential, I will find which movement
patterns are the most efficient and effective for you. Once I find your
movement patterns, you will experience an amazing body and life style

It took years of extensive research and experience in order for me to develop
my twelve –week “Body and Life Style Transformation Program”. Therefore, my
belief and confidence in this program are so strong that I pledge to give you
only the best and most efficient techniques to reach your maximum fitness

First and Second week:

* Body Fat Analysis
* Body’s Measurement
* Blood Pressure Testing
* VO2 Testing
* Resting Heart Rate
* Postural Assessment
* Flexibility Analysis
* Anatomy of Injury
* Three Planes Testing Analysis
* Total Body Workout
* Conditioning Phase

Third and Fourth Week:

* Meal Preferences
* Customized Fitness Program base on my exclusive “Three Planes
* Customized Diet Program
* Neuromuscular Adaptations to Exercise
* Your Biomechanics and Resistance Training
* Safety and Training Environment
* Muscle Physiology
* After Sessions telephone support

Fifth and Sixth Week:

* Diet Analysis:
* Calorie Control
* Water Control
* Carbohydrate Control
* Fat Control
* Protein Control
* Nutrition and Ergogenic Acids
* Exercise Periodization Cycles
* Fitness Psychology and Motivation

Seventh and Eighth Week:

Integrating Energy Used and Training
Coaching and Exercise Instruction for After Session Workouts
Metabolic and Hormonal Response to Exercise
Energy and Metabolism
Food Label Interpretation

Ninth and Tenth Week:

* Nutrition Supplements
* Performance Enhancing Supplements
* Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins
* Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals; Water and Fluids
* Body Fat and Measurement Analysis

Eleventh and Twelfth Week:

* Neuromuscular EfficiencyTraining
* Plyometricore Drills
* Diet Summary
* Exercise Summary
* Weight-in
* Online Support
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