I have been overweight for many years and
seriously wanted to make a change in my life.
I stopped by Jose’s studio one day and had an
initial meeting with him. I was very impressed
with the amount of knowledge that Jose has
how totally committed he is to his clients. He
really cares about his clients and will always go
that extra mile to ensure you get what you need
out of each session.

In my first twelve weeks, I lost 37 ½ pounds, 33
inches and I gained 17 lbs of lean muscle
mass. Every step of the way Jose was there as
the sweat was pouring off my forehead. He
kept encouraging me to do that one extra rep
or just one more abdominal crunch when I was
sure I just going to die if did one more. I have
gotten a tremendous personal boost knowing
that I stuck with it and will continue exercising
for life.

Karen Rahn, Chiropratic Assistant

"...If you want a very caring and knowledgeable trainer that is totally one on one, please don’t hesitate to
call Jose. Investing in yourself and your own personal well being is the best gift we can give to
“My husband and I looked for help on the web. I needed weight
loss, and to build strength and energy. Jose’s methods and
successes—and his philosophy made us want to try his program.
He is very personable; I liked him immediately. Through exercise,
nutrition and motivation, I felt I could be successful. I have had total
confidence in him from Day 1. Jose is very patient. I am not very
coordinated, left-right, back and forth; so exercise routines were not
easy for me. Jose led me through them teaching me the skills I
needed. I can now manage my weight and I am even lifting
weights! I have never done that in my life. I have lost 10% body fat,
a lot of inches and am down three dress sizes. I am stronger and
feel much more energetic. I know I am going to successfully reach
my goals!. I would highly recommend him and I would tell anyone,
‘If you have tried other programs and are still searching for one that
works—try this. Jose is going to lead you in the right direction. You
will have confidence in him and confidence in yourself ”

-Noreen Panek
Administrative Assitant



"Thanks Jose for your
encouragement and dedication
towards my 12 week program.
Nancy Bedel
Registered Nurse, MBA"
Jose pushes you without demeaning you. He asks what you get out of the program, and then says: “Let’
s see what you can handle”.

A typical group workout is nonstop cardiovascular and crunches. Lying on the exercise ball is good for
my back, and balance, which stabilizes me. There’s lots of bending, stretching, and squeezing, all in
planes you don’t normally use.

When the workout is done, you feel you’ve done something for yourself.
It is like taking a long hot relaxing bath. You are energized and the stress is gone… you feel healthier and
more fit. I feel more level- headed. This is an outlet like a steam vent.

Now I can walk a mile without worrying if I can make it. It has changed my ability to do things. If
something falls. I can retrieve it easily and I no longer have to stop to take a breath when cleaning the

You should realize you are worth it. It benefits you so you can do more of what you want to do”.

Cathy Martin
Workers Comp. Claim Rep

“I have bad arthritis and weak quads. Working out in a local gym, I had been doing lots of cardio, but had
no direction and wasn’t improving my endurance.

My goals were to avoid surgery by losing weight, toning up, and slimming muscle mass.
Now I have refined my goals to include overall health and feeling good about myself because I’m in my
prime! I used to do 100 crunches and now I can do 200 with my legs in the air and a 10 pount weight!

Jose is not some musclehead or meathead. He shows and teaches self-worth. I can’t motivate myself
the way I can with him.

It’s the best money you will ever spend on yourself: one-on-one time with your body. It’s the most money I
have ever spent on myself, with the best return on my investment.”

Teresa Sylva
Auto Damage Insurance Manager

Frank Childs
Project Manager Parsippany, NJ

"...I had started a diet, had already
lost 60 pounds when I saw Jose’s
flyer. I was initially intimidated, out
of my element. Sports and
physicality is not my milieu; I felt
spastic and clumsy. I have a
prejudice against body builders; I
thought I wouldn’t be able to relate,
but it was a business-like first
.....He understood where I was coming from, Jose is easy to talk to… accessible, easy to work with. Getting in
shape is not as daunting a task as you might think- not out of my range of ability. He got results on me so I
am sure others can get results too. I have quit smoking and will take up jogging. I have more stamina, I have
more self confidence. I feel there is nothing I can’t do.
FRANK BEFORE                                                                     Frank AFTER  
Just wanted to say a big "thank you" for your hard work, confidence guidance and motivation in making my 20-
pound weight loss possible. Can't believe that in a matter of 5 weeks and a day, I have been able to attain this
weight loss without feeling deprived or hungry. I truly feel more energized, healthier and more confident in
myself. Your constant praise, positiveness and guidance are a huge motivation in attaining my goal weight
and in myself. You have made exercising a fun and pleasant experience. I look forward to each workout
session with anticipation. It is with this new found attitude and enjoyment that I am confident that I will reach
my goal weight and even surpass it. With you by my side as my mentor and friend, I know that nothing is
impossible! with deep appreciation,

Maria Buckel Tax Assesor
read Maria's poem about Jose.

I met Jose at a gym. I was in lousy shape. He said, “I think I can help you get back into condition”. I was
impressed. My back was bothering me. He put together a program - a mix of stretching and strength . I didn’t
realize how stretching could help me function better. I hit a golf ball better because now I am able to make a
full turn. I have taken off weight. The real value of Jose to me is he is there as a motivator. I can go to the gym
any time. He will evaluate how well or poorly I have done the job. He will say, “I can see you’re putting on
weight. You’re not working that hard.”. Or he will comment, ”You’re more flexible. Now, this is what I’d like to
see you do… focusing”. He makes you want to work, You create short term, realistic goals. He is a personal
trainer. He figures out what you want and need, when you are motivated or have to get moving again. He has a
million and one things going on, but Jose is driven more by your success than the almighty dollar.

Larry Belford ( retired advertising executive)

I had been an athlete in college. I thought I stayed in reasonably good shape. I constantly exercised, but
probably did the wrong things. Through the years I had lost my flexibility. When I touched my toes I could only
come within 10 inches of my toes. In addition, I found that my hamstrings had tightened. I also had a bad
muscular back problem for the past 30 years. No matter what I tried, whether it was a hard bed, a soft bed or
select comfort bed, nothing seemed to work. I was eating Advil like candy in order to find some relief for my
back problem. I was so desperate, I was willing to do anything. The most amazing thing happened when Jose
started stretching me. I thought all of my muscles were going to go. But I was intent and stayed with it. Within
three weeks I could feel the difference. I found I was feeling better and my back didn’t hurt.

A friend of mine was having similar problems and signed up with Jose, he is having the same positive results.

Kevin Finley ( Textile Company President)

"I used to be a runner. Training has always been important, but now I have knee problems. I've had surgery.
He warms me up beforehand, getting ready for the workout. I have less fatigue and risk of injury. The
exercises are a great benefit to me. I can see results already: my strength, bigger arms, flexibility, stamina
and endurance in my lower abdominals. You want to have a better, healthy life, to work on things that are
preventable now. Jose' is Knowledgeable about physiology, how muscles need to be stretched. He obviously
likes the health business. He knows what he's talking about and he strives to be the best. He will educate

Bruno Pascale, entrepreneur

"Jose is pleasant, charming, like a friend. It's like we have known each other a long time. He sat down and
asked me questions about what I'd been doing, about my kids. He listens to me. I am comfortable asking
him anything. He is genuinely concerned about well-being, fitness, that I'm healthy. He works on my butt, abs,
cardio, stretches a lot. I've grown. I am getting stronger, feel terrific, energized. Originally we did only light
weights. He pushes me more now; motivates me. I had a baby 9 months ago--I'm down to pre-baby size."

Bridget Mitarotonda, housewife-mother

"I was skeptical at first of a trainer. Regular weight-training tightens me up. With my scar tissue, fibromyalgia
and a herniated disk. I was a challenge to him. He had to do a lot of homework. I was amazed: in a few
months, my range of motion started to become normal. Some people don't know how painful my problem
was. He knows when to push you. He didn't make me feel afraid. He assured me, explained how to undo the
damage I'd done. He's much better than my physical therapist. He corrected my imbalances in my body."

Dino Margiotta, sales

"We started slow, even at that, I said to myself, 'Am I going to be able to do this?' You know, 6 months later, I
can do it. Confidence-that's what it's all about. Jose' is a very friendly person, a good guy. In 6 months, I think I
got to know him better than some people I've known for years. He works with your needs. He knows what he's
doing. You see results. I felt stronger. I now look good, too. It gives you an all-around better frame of mind. I
know I had to change some things in my life. I lost weight. Losing weight makes you feel good. I started to get
in shape. Let me tell you-that's not a bad way to start to change some things in your life. I spend more time
now on things like what I eat, cooking healthy, clothes--things I always took for granted."

Charles Pryor retail manager
Ann Jacobitz
Accounts Receivable
Training and
Weight loss
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