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Judo tactics
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Vertical and Long Jump
Techniques; Mechanics and forms
Steve Chemi/Lost 30 Lbs Byram NJ
Anthony P./Lost 30 lbs/Boonton
Twp NJ
Scott Turkos Lost 50 lbs Denville
Running Mechanics
and Foot work!
Program Details:

By Jose Fuentes/Master Trainer/Polymath
Strength And Conditioning Power  Certified Specialist
Certified Nutritionist/Accupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner/3rd Dan
Aikijutsu Black belt/1st Dan kung fu Black Belt/Judo Brown Belt/Speaker/Author

I want to start congratulating  you for taken the first step towards your dreams. Anybody
that I've trained, PREP and conditioned for these EXAMS are extremely serious individuals
about achieving their goals. Therefore, I put a serious package together that will transform
you into a total new individual.
'FIT FOR DUTY TORNADO SYSTEM' Has helped dozens of existing and new law
enforcement officers, firefighters and military personnel to get their dream job. If you think
you have what it takes, then read the info below and call for a free assessment!


1-Nutrition counseling phase:

Nutrition is the most important element for anything you want to accomplish. You are what
you eat period!
Learn  state of the art nutritional practices such as:
a) proper hydration
b) Nutrient timing. Learn which are the  best times during the day for certain nutrients to
hit your
blood stream. Understand the concept of cell energy and cell absorption. Glycogen
polymers can make you a machine when you learn proper consumption of them.
c) WHAT NO ONE WILL EVER TELL YOU!..Learn what proteins work for your body and
which ones you should be avoided!
Stop animal protein consumption prior to your test.
This will not only slow you down but it  will also make your body more acid which means will
you more predispose to injuries and diseases prior to your test.  My secret protein foods
will make you to become  literally stronger and with lots of  power to keep your training

2-State Of The Art Running Techniques:
Can you run a mile and a half below 9 min and 30
Learn how to train for it. Stride frequency, stride length and upper body mechanics must
be trained prior to going running for even 5 minutes!
You will be trained in short spurs with proper running methods, foot positioning ankle
flexion and extension etc.
Every week you will do a long run in which you will see a huge improvement in your body's
mechanics, endurance and concentration!

3- Long Jump, Vertical Jump, Long Jump:

Learn proper mechanics and key exercises  for those 3 jump styles such as:
a)Posterior and anterior chain posture
b)Foot positioning
c)Knee mechanics
d)Explosiveness and landing techniques
e) Unilateral jumping movements
f) Pistol squats techniques
g) Counter movement jumps..and much more!

4-Breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques are  learned  at our state of the art pool At our Parsippany NJ  

5-Core strengthening.

Develop a massive core. Functional Training is part of what we offer. Most of our exercise
routines include core and rotational loads which are made to strengthen anterior and
posterior muscles in the core area. Such as rectus abdominis, lower back, hip rotators and
flexors and obliques.

6-Flexibility training.
Stretching the muscles is a total art that most people take for granted. The misconception
of stretching your body just to feel loose or limber is a thing of the past. With the right
stretching techniques you can get stronger, faster, limber and more agile.
Learn my triple flexibility system:

PIR or (Postisometric Relaxation)

7- State Of The Art Strength and conditioning methods:
If you re benching over 225 lbs and squatting more than your body weight STOP!
In fact my goal is to keep you powerful but most importantly, fast, alert, limber and agile.
Therefore the '
Tornado Fit For Duty program will use body exercises or work outs that will
help you improve your strength for:
Throwing, Grappling and catching!

7-Weight Management Techniques!
In a few words ...

8-Self defense and lethal martial arts  tactics. For security and confidenial  reasons this
phase must be discuss in person.

See What Others have to say:

I trained with Jose for 12 weeks and lost 50 lbs. In a demanding job environment
like mine, you need to be healthy and fit. After years of neglecting my health I
decided it was time for a change. Jose understood my issues and through a
multidisciplinary approach prescribed diets and workouts cater to my job and
needs. I still train wth Jose and think i will be there for long time.
Scott Turkos/Law enforcement/Denville NJ

Jose understood my goals from our first meeting. I explained to him,  this was my
dream job and it was important to me not just to pass my exam but ACE every
segment of it. He can get anybody ready for this type of training. I've never been
a runner and always lifted heavy. I knew I had to lose about 20 lbs to feel good.
Therefore, Jose put a training cycle that allowed me to shave all   the weight, run
properly and increased my endurance. By my 4th week I was already meeting my
goals. My vertical Jump  increased by 6". And my stamina increased dramatically.
If you are serious about pursuing  your dream job  call him TODAY!

Steve Chemi/Aspiring Law Enforcement/Byram NJ

I was station in NJ in 2003 and had the privilege of training with Jose. As a
Former Navy Seal all I can say is that Jose's system is the most adequate
program to get anybody back into peak condition. Therefore, it resembles my
military training and the closest thing outside the NAVY SEAL training camp!
Ken Bufford/Retired Navy Seal/Chicago Illinois

My family comes from a very strong military background. I decided to joint the
Marines in 2006. I came to Jose with almost no motivation, no endurance and just
lots of strength from lifting heavy weights. The first work out  I literally puked, I
thought I was dying but I stay the course. In 6 weeks Jose got me ready for camp.
He taught me how to run properly, breathing and foot techniques,  how to lift my
own body weight with special body exercises I've  never done before. As a result
of this,  I was faster and literally bouncing off the walls after finished my 6 weeks
camp with him. Therefore, the  marine camp was literally no problem. I'm proudly
serving my country and if that wasn't for Jose I would have never done it!
Mark F./Morris Plains NJ/US Marine Corps

I came to Jose to get refocused on my training and nutritional goals. I wasn't
happy with myself,. In 6 weeks I noticed a dramatic change. Jose taught me how
to eat holistically and showed me a lifestyle that I will embrace forever. In 6
weeks my body changed dramatically, I lost 30 lbs, my strength and endurance
went up and feel great all way around!