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NJ Best Vegan Weight Loss System:

By Jose Fuentes/Plant based nutritionist/Blogger

Experiencing weight loss with any of my diets is an understatement at this
point. Everyone knows that the tornado system is the most powerful system to
fuel your weight loss. What many people don't know yet, is that I prefer plant
based diets for the simple reason that I am myself a vegan, hitherto, I have  
seen many benefits on my health since I went fully vegan.
I made myself a vegetarian at age 20. At 40 decided to stay vegan. I have also
mixed and match many diets on my clients. For example; started them out with
a plant based vegetable diet and then switch to their usual protein favorite
foods. Or many other combos with veggies and fruits. I am proud to say that I
have an army of clients who are faithfully on the program and love the lifestyle.
Jeff in the picture is one of them! He has adopted most of these foods and has
lost close to 40 lbs in as little as 3 months. Here are the benefits of a vegan

1-Amp your metabolism. You will start losing weight quickly on a plant based
diet because you immediately start improving your digestion process.
Plants also have more fiber and lots of other nutrients that will amp your
metabolism. Therefore, you'll be on a therm mode  everyday all day!
Veg food has a high thermic effect, which indicates the amount of calories burn
as body heat during digestion. Therefore, it means that if you change nothing
else, you are burning more calories by opting for nutrient base foods  which
have grown in trees or in the ground!

2-You will get, UM, REGULAR.

Not only the amount of fiber on beans, whole grains and veggies works to slow
the release of glucose (blood sugars) into your system, so you won't have wild
cravings which cause you overeat. But the rest of the benefits of fiber are
frequently overlooked and under appreciated by so many people who still think
veganism is funny and even weird. I got news for you; meat has zero fiber
none. Call it fish, beef, chicken..NONE, NADA. I always explain to my clients
how fiber acts like a scrub brush in your body and cleans everything inside
you. And because of that your stomach will flatten out quickly like Jeff's did!
Simply, put it this way; fiber is the magic dust which cleans everything!

3- You will become healthier quickly.

I have seen on many of my clients how a whole bunch of those annoying
physical ailments that their Doctors couldn't figure out their origin, will go away!
More than 80% of the population is lactose intolerant, so if you are one of
those people when you eat cheese or drink milk, you can get seriously
bloating, get cramps, mucus-y phlegm  that belabors your breathing or weird
If you get pimples, they will likely dissapiear because yu won't be getting that
estrogenic hormone inherent in milk. (Extra hormones wreak havoc on the skin
as does the milk sugar.)

4-Finally you will save money.
Whole grains, lentils, fruits vegetables are simply less expensive than whole
meats and your favorite cheese. Watch your wallet grow quickly!

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Jeff, from Denville NJ/Body By
Jose- &Tornado weightloss loyal
team member/Lost 35 lbs/8"waist