Herb Of The Month!

By Jose Fuentes/ Intuitive Healer/Herbalist/CN

Raising up at the sound of the owl each morning in a little
town of Mexico City call Cuautepec, was indeed  the most
subtle thing for a 10 year old kid. But there is where all
started for me; my grandma always wanted me to pick up
the fresh cilantro and avocados, to later pour the 'aceite the
ricino (castor oil) into glass bottles, so we could drink it later
Circumvent by a Mexican style kitchen with plenty of herbs,
spices and aromas. I developed a passion for plants since a
very young age.  My grandma was (la curandera del pueblo)
or medicine woman. I saw her mixing aloe juice with tumeric.
Nopal with other extracts and figs with zapote. It was an
amazing experience, which motivated me to follow a long
time learning journey with herbs.
These days I have managed to major in few different
aspects of nutrition science; but the herb business intrigues,
and, interests  me the best. With herbs I have been able to
help hundreds of individual suffering from diabetes to
hormonal disorders and fibromyalgia.
For that reason this page is in honor to my deceased
grandma who taught me a lifestyle and to make a living
helping others!
This plant has a unique  taste and immense medicinal values,
Papalo or (Yerba porosa) is a wonderful herb that is found
commonly in Mexico and South America. Grandma used the
leaves of this plant, for seasoning food, the taste is, somewhat
a mixture of cilantro, mint and arugula. The name Papalo is
derived from the word "butterfly" in nahuatl dialect of central
Mexico. Because the leaves of this plants are shaped like the
wings of a butterfly!.
People in Mexico, Central and South America use this herb for
high treating blood pressure, infections and stomach disorders.
Papalo is consumed regularly in many parts of Mexico, and it is
believed that this plant helps in lowering blood pressure and
also in treating liver disorders.  The leaves of papalo are used
by the Chacobo Indians of Bolivia to reduce swelling in
infections. You can put it in your soups, stews, salads.