Herb Of The Month!

When grandma put this plant in my soups, back in Mexico; I thought it WAS ONLY A NATIVE MEXICAN
Surprisingly, I discovered that it also grows in other parts of central America.I love its flavor in
food and the texture of it. But here are some of the benefits of this plant:

Some of the health benefits of epazote include its ability to reduce flatulence, reduce respiratory
conditions, prevent certain cancers, eliminate parasites, improve the metabolism, protect the immune
system, help with weight loss efforts, heal wounds, and reduce menstrual discomfort.

Gastrointesinal Effects: Like most other leafy, green vegetables, epazote has a significant level of
fiber, which helps to improve the digestive process and stimulates the smooth movement of the bowels.
By improving the efficiency of the gastrointestinal system, epazote can reduce constipation, cramping,
bloating, and even more serious conditions. Traditionally, however, epazote was most commonly used to
eliminate flatulence and eliminate indigestion, both of which are always a good thing!

Weight Loss Aid: There are only 32 calories in 100 grams of epazote, yet this leafy green plant is
packed with nutrients and organic compounds that your body needs. Therefore, if you are trying to lose
weight, remain healthy, and feel full, this fiber- and nutrient-heavy plant is a very wise choice!

Parasitic Effects: One of the other popular traditional uses of epazote was to treat worms of different
types. Hookworms and roundworms, as well as other parasitic worms in the body, can be neutralized by
the active ingredients in epazote, which makes it an ideal dietary choice for people where water filtration
and basic sanitary conditions may not be available.

Metabolic Activity: The B-complex family of vitamins is an extremely important element in human health,
and while each member does have a slightly different role in human health, they are all generally
associated with the strength and efficiency of the metabolism. Epazote delivers significant levels of 6
different B vitamins, particularly folic acid. A single serving of epazote contains more than 50% of the
daily recommended amount of folic acid, which is important for proper development and growth.

Immune System Booster: The moderate levels of vitamin A found in epazote, along with various other
carotenes and antioxidant compounds, make this herb very important for the immune system. The
antioxidant activity of epazote protects the skin from free radical damage, and can also neutralize free
radicals that cause various types of cancer and other chronic diseases.
By Jose Fuentes/ Intuitive Healer/Herbalist/CN
I was one of the lucky ones. Born and raised in the wonderful town of Cuautepec Mexico.
Outside the big City Of Mexico. My grand ma who is now
100 YEARS OF AGE! Took me
under her wing since I was 6 years of age and showed me the wonderful world of a plant
based diet and lifestyle. She frequently took me into the fields and showed me the wild plants
she knew. Quietly with a gentle stern voice, she told me their healing powers. When she
weeded her garden I was often beside her. Watching her carefully sort the plants she pulled.
Ever since that time I have learned over 3000 different plants and herb treatments. Some I
have used and prescribed to my personal clients. But many were used on myself. At 40
years of age I have never taken an antibiotic. I have helped people healed holistically from
degenerative diseases and helped many others to prevent them. I have treated my own dogs
with holistic herbs and oils. One of my 2 beloved boxers is an adult an while many of their
own breed can’t make it to 10 years of age my Bam-bam is like a teenager still!
I despise tobacco in any form. Never have an alcoholic drink. I’m a vegetarian myself by
heart. And while I think is a personal choice what you want to put in your body. I will teach
you the powerful world of an herbal-plant based lifestyle.
When I came to the United States my first question was. Why everybody take drugs to deal
with symptoms, from things that can be prevented and in many times reversed?
The first thing I wanted to do was getting a degree in nutrition science at any cost. Well
proud to said I have accomplished that. And added many concentrations in Nutrition and
weight management science. As well as anatomy and kinetic chain disorders. And it  all took
me to the same venues I was taught by grand ma. The Use and consumption of herbs and
plants is the way to go!

How sessions work:

We begin with thorough analysis on your current diet and health. Examine, nutrient
deficiencies related to current illness. Also discuss the integration of preventive plants and
herb treatments for optimal health. Be prepared to learn and understand western as well as
eastern methods of herbology.
Such as: Tibetan medicine, Aryuveda, Egiptian, Roman, Greek and other ancient treatments!

Counseling For The Following:
Allergies, Asthma, Autoimmune disorders, bone loss, CFS, Chronic pain,
Depression/ Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Weight loss, Heart disease, Hormonal
imbalance, Diabetis, High Cholesterol, Intestinal disorders, Menopause, Arthritis

6 sessions minimum