“TORNADO DIET.. Weight Management System:

By Jose Fuentes/Certified Nutritionist/WMCS/SNCS-CPT/Herbalist

Count the points!  Just fats and proteins, not carbs!  Bought all my food at Jenny’s!  You name it, I’ve heard it!  I’ve
been exposed to all types of conversations upon meeting with my “first-time clients”.  They’ve shared their stories
and how they’ve tried every diet in the book and then gained all their weight back. The fact is that I can tell at a
glance, exactly what everyone needs to lose a little or a lot of weight!  Call it skill; call it arrogance or just plain
talent!   But the truth is that I can tell just by looking at an individual walk through my door, who is asking for a
weight loss solution, where their problem started and how to solve it.
I can also tell when someone is retaining fluids and can immediately recommend healthy food choices that will
change the way that individual looks and feels.
As you age, your body ages stages. The aging process is evident in the various changes it undergoes. Your body
will undergo hormonal changes as you age and a slower metabolism.  As s result, if you keep doing the same
things, you will end up with the same results!  This is your body’s way of saying that it needs a new solution in order
to get in shape!

My Tornado Weight Loss Program is the final solution to your weight loss needs!

The four stages of my Tornado Diet:

1. Water retention:  This process is designed to drain the body’s excess water retention with the aid of my macro
mineral secret formula.  Proper mineral repletion and depletion is something that many nutritionists have yet to
figure out.  My combination of the proper minerals will drain the excess water weight in just a matter of days. That
itself will make your weight loss experience with me worthy!

2.  Probiotic And Detox Process: I will also identify the best Detox Diet System that is right for you. This system
focuses on the best fruits and vegetables that will extract the toxins from your body naturally; while promoting a
strong immune system and healthy lymphatic functions.  This is a safe, effective, and simple system. We will
promote healthy microflora that live in your intestines. Utilizing my combined secret macronutrients, that will promote
weight loss right away. They will also promote healthy digestion, fight infections, alkalize your blood, balance and
restore harmony in your body!
3.  My secret Five-time Release Hormone Diet System:
This is the most important part of my weight loss program.  I will “hack jack” your endocrine wiring system by
secreting hormones that have been totally dormant from years of physical changes, years of over-feeding your
body with the wrong foods, and the cycles your body has gone through without adapting properly.
The hormones released on my Five-Stage System are:
  •  Growth Hormone:  Stimulates insulin-like growth factor, protein synthesis, growth and metabolism.
  • Nor epinephrine:  Increases cardiac output, increases blood sugar and glycogen and fat   breakdown.
  • Mineral corticoids (aldosterone and deoxycorticosterone):  As mentioned, sodium-potassium and water
    metabolism increases or decreases body fluid
  • Thyroxin:  Stimulates oxidative metabolism in mitochondria and cell growth.
  • Insulin:  Stores glycogen and promotes glucose entry into cells involved in protein   synthesis.

4--  Perform dietary analysis of an individual's current eating habits to identify shortfalls, over-consumption and
deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.  
I will Build meal plans from scratch using foods from my secret database and new super foods  I have added into
my  system weekly from my personal home library.

To your health!
Jose Fuentes/Certified Nutritionist/Weight Management Certified Practitioner

For a consultation please call us at: 973-586-3222