What's Tornado Training?

By Jose Fuentes/'Tornado Training Effect' Founder/MS/CPT

After almost two decades of using scientific research in attaining weight loss success and having what
thousands believe is the best weight loss system in New Jersey, I have come to the conclusion that doing long
cardio alone is not enough.

Through the years, I have trained my clients using all types of training systems.  You name them I’ve used them
– Isotonics, Isometrics, Plyometrics, etc.  After doing further studies in metabolic weight loss techniques (energy
utilized to burn fat) last year; I recruited a group of clients made up of professionals from lawyers to teachers to
doctors to prove my findings.  I trained them for 45 minutes 3 days a week  using a combined exercise system
based on my unique
core training drills, long slow cardio and numerous exercise variations. The results were
that each of the individuals involved in this training program achieved their goals in weeks!

There were three basic components that were instrumental to the success of these individuals:  Variety,
Frequency and Intensity.


The human body is well engineered and efficient at adapting to meet the exercise demands you give it.  If you
have your body lift the same weight week in and week out, it will only change enough to meet that demand.  
Eventually that once successful fitness program will soon diminish without implementing variety into the


In order for my training program to be efficient and effective, I require that you work out for at least three times
a week for 40 to 45 minutes.


Tornado Metabolic Training focuses on intense exercise.  By doing resistance training, you will be promoting
three key elements for weight loss:  Thermogenesis, EPOC, and Anaerobic Glycolysis.

EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) "or the effect of burning  calories after training"  :

Studies have shown that metabolism remains elevated for hours following resistance training.  So imagine what
would happen if intensity is higher, muscle confusion is applied, plus a huge metabolic disturbance on your
muscles is made.  The answer is simple.  After working out your metabolism remains very high, burning calories
until it returns to it normal level.

THERMOGENESIS AND AG (Anaerobic Glycolysis):  

This is what I call the Shivering Effect.

The Thermogenesis Effect is the one method I use to raise the body’s temperature to produce fat loss through
high intensity metabolic training.  The conversion of chemical energy into kinetic energy (the work needed to
accelerate a body  from rest), produces the heat to incinerate fat.  This energy comes from the muscle
contractions (resistance training) and Anaerobic Glycolysis (short periods of high intensity anaerobic and long
slow periods of aerobic exercise training) which also uses Kreb Cycles (What's left as energy in living
organisms after fat and glucose depletion).  In effect it will turn all of your body’s energy into a heat that will
blow torch your body fat and make you lose weight in days!!


Most tornado winds are nothing less than 110 miles per hour and travel across for miles before dissipating.  
The most intense tornados can attain wind speeds of up to more than 300 miles an hour and stay on the
ground for dozens of miles.  This is exactly what happens to your metabolism after experiencing the changes I
will put you through with my fitness program.  It will be much easier to burst through fat loss plateaus because
of the “Tornado Effect”.  It doesn’t matter how stubborn your body was in the past.  When you switch from the
long, slow boring cardio routines to my “Tornado Effect Training”, you have the potent stimulus to incinerate
body fat fast and lose weight in days!!


MINIMUM OF THREE DAY A WEEK!  This program has also been adapted to our other fitness programs:

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6 weeks body make over